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It happened to me!!

I have recently joined a gym, since Bailey is now 3 months old and able to go to the nursery. This morning, I took Parker and Bailey with me and dropped them off at the kid watch and went on work on my fitness.After about 45 minutes, they paged me and I knew that Bailey must be fussy. (they have been really great about paging me when she’s upset…then never let her get too worked up.) I’d had a decent workout, so decided to grab my bag from the locker room and just feed Bailey for a minute before we headed off to The Little Gym for Parker’s class.When I got to the kids’ room, Bailey was pretty upset and Parker was hard at work at the craft table, so I sat down with him and nursed Bailey to help calm her down. Almost immediately, the phone at the desk beeped and I could hear a lady through the intercom asking the child watch attendant to pick up .  I instantly knew what was about to happen.

Sure enough, the child watch gal hung up the phone and started walking towards me…and proceeded to tell me that I had to move into the bathroom if I want to breastfeed my child.  Oh no. She didn’t. But wait folks, it gets better. I am at an ALL WOMEN’s gym. In the NURSEry, for crying out loud!! I was totally floored. Since it was almost time to leave for Parker’s Little Gym class anyway, I just told the girl (only the messanger, really) that no thank you, it is ridiculous to feed my child in the toilet room and that we were leaving anyway. The obviously uncomfortable girl said, “um, I can move a chair in there for you to sit on.?” I just forced a smile, said no thank you, and got the heck out.

This is only the fourth or so time that I have been to this gym. The first couple times, I would pick Bailey up from the child watch and then take her back to the locker room/lounge area to nurse her on one of the super comfy lounge chairs. However, that same front desk lady stopped me earlier in the week and said that no children, of any age, are allowed in the locker rooms. Fine, I thought, I’ll just nurse her in the chid watch area. Certainly not as comfortable (no rocking chairs or anything) but I was happy to respect their rules.

Until now.

I am just so disappointed. I have been LOVING my new little chicks-only gym. All of the childcare workers are really sweet and friendly. I want to really gather my thoughts so that I can talk to this front desk lady when I go back on Monday. I just think it is beyond ridiculous. Sad, really.

Anywho, just call me a statistic. It is shocking to know that something so 100% natural is “forbidden” anywhere!

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