Monthly Archives: October 2008

Any Kid can Play Soccer…

…but only P-Bo can look this good doing it! Parker would like to send out a huuuuge thank you to his Uncle David and Aunt Steffi for the awesome (and personalized)! Manchester United soccer uniform that they sent him for his birthday. Needless to say, he is the sharpest-looking player on the field…even when he is…

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Janica + Jason =

Dear Matthew, I adore you and think you are the most amazing man in the universe and I am thankful each and every day that you are my husband.  That said… I have SUCH a crush on Jason Mraz.   He is absurdly talented and delightfully nerd-ish. I am thoroughly charmed. Alicia, Chrystal and I…

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I've Seen Better Days

My most precious and perfect mom is in the hospital. My cousin’s beloved little dog got into some insecticide and is in grave condition. My step-sister got in a wreck.  So yeah, I’ve seen better days.  And I sure hope that tomorrow will be one of them.

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