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Oh, Aidan.  This handsome fella really had me in full-on baby nostalgia mode.  He was the perfect model of soft, sweet, warm, squishy newborn goodness…and I love him. Cassie and Rick, congratulations on your beautiful son.  You three make an awesome family!

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Five Full Years of BAILEY

“Oops!  Excuse me, I tooted.  I’m sorry if it stinks.” *silence* “Wait, am I really five??” What a perfectly Bailey-esque monologue for me to wake up to in the early morning hours of January 10, 2013, Bailey’s fifth birthday.  She is as polite as she is filter-less, and the idea of getting older truly gives…

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Allison, Janning, Clara, Rasmus, and Tove

The Hoenen Family came ALL THE WAY FROM GERMANY just to have their pictures taken by me! OK, well, maybe they had planned the trip to Houston to visit friends and family for the Christmas holiday, but most likely, the promise of a jbo photo session is what really tipped the scales in favor of…

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