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The Dryden Family

There’s a whole lot of cute happening here.Eric and Kate are all kinds of adorable just on their own, but when you throw in a couple of curly blonde twin girls…?  Off the cuteness charts.Emma and Brooke. Sweet and Sassy.   These girls are crazy about their mom and dad. Brooke! Emma!Emma and Brooke are…

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A Zachariah Holiday

Oh, how wonderful it was to see Dylan again! (well, Shery and Jason, too, of course…but man, I have a baby crush on that Dylan.) Shery is incredibly clever and artsy.  She planned out these adorable photos for their family Christmas card…all I had to do was show up and push my camera button a…

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The Riebel Family

Oh Riebel family, just when I think you can’t get any cuter… …you go out-cute yourselves once again.♥ Audrey and Natalie ♥ You’re so lovely, Leyla. Natalie’s keeping an eye on me…! It’s always a pleasure, Leyla, Bryan, Audrey, and Natalie!  Enjoy your holidays! xo

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