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Parker, the Teenager

Parker and Bailey know that I only make two photographic demands per year:  first day of school, and birthday.  Parker turned thirteen years old one week ago, and I thought I’d try to do something a bit different for his photos this year.  I wanted to sort of creepily document his entire day, from waking…

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Seventh Grade, Fourth Grade

I don’t feel weepy today.  I’m pumped for these two remarkable kids of mine. Parker and Bailey, you are capable, you are kind, and the opportunities that you create for yourselves are limitless. Go get ‘em, tigers.

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On the 12th Year of Parker

Twelve years old.  Middle school.  PBO, it’s safe to say, shit suddenly got real. When I was twelve, homework wasn’t as effortless anymore, I kept my bedroom door shut more often than I kept it open, my parents got divorced, and I felt certain that the turquoise eyeliner I swiped from my mom’s makeup drawer…

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