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On the 12th Year of Parker

Twelve years old.  Middle school.  PBO, it’s safe to say, shit suddenly got real. When I was twelve, homework wasn’t as effortless anymore, I kept my bedroom door shut more often than I kept it open, my parents got divorced, and I felt certain that the turquoise eyeliner I swiped from my mom’s makeup drawer…

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Sixth Grade, Third Grade

Teeth were brushed, and excited footsteps thundered up and down the hall. Backpacks were checked and double-checked.  Breakfast plates were left half full. Nervous giggles and carefully selected outfits replaced the leisurely underwear couch-lounging routine of summer mornings. Deep breaths were taken. Buses came. Children were swallowed. Mom waved.  Alone. Pensive. It’s just that they…

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I have an 11-year-old. His name is Parker.

Eleven years ago, at 12:45 p.m., my life was ruined. An 8 pound, 9.6 ounce baby CAME OUT OF MY BODY…and he changed everything.  The life that I had been leading for over 24 ignorant, care-free years was ruined.  And on October 19th, 2004, the personified promise of Parker snuggled warmly against my chest and…

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