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The Kruger Family

Hello, most wonderful Kruger family.  Thanks for the mega-cuteness that you injected into my morning! I just love spending time with new little families, and Danielle, Noah, and Nathan fit the bill quite nicely.   Danielle and Noah are now parents of a ONE-YEAR-OLD.  Happy birthday, sweet Nathan! Bubble boy!  Swoon. Nathan is a man…

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The Rock Slinger and his Greatest Hit

For many, many Wednesday nights now, Parker and Bailey have been rehearsing for their church choir musical, The Rock Slinger and his Greatest Hit.  (the story of David and Goliath, get it? huh?)   I have to admit, I never quite know what to expect from Parker or Bailey when they hit the stage.  The…

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The Dozier Family

Once upon a time, …well, it was a very specific time, actually, so…ahem. Once upon the fall of 1990, I had the great fortune to become best 5th grade buddies with the zany new kid in school, a gal named Juli Butler.  Now, this wasn’t just any gal.  Juli was the loud and proud wild…

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