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Honey Ham

ham (hm) n. 1 a: the hollow of the knee b: a buttock with its associated thigh —usually used in plural 2: a cut of meat consisting of a thigh ; especially : one from a hog 3: one Bailey Marlyce Boles “No, Granbob, I want to do it MYSELF!” COWABUNGA! Oh now, don’t you worry…she’s fine.  Cute bounces.

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Jennifer and Ben

Jen and Ben love each other.  :-) They love dogs, too. Nice combo. Um, Ben, in case you haven’t noticed, your bride-to-be is STUNNING. Work it out, folks! Yeeeeeow! What’s going on back there?? Jennifer and Ben, I can’t wait for your wedding…only two more weeks!  Thank you so much for inviting me to your…

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