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Scrumptious baby April is one lucky gal…she was born into this fun family! Beauties. Isla is getting the hang of this big sister business. Party of four. Oh, hey Beans. Let’s take this party outdoors, OK?Happy girl. Well done, Kirsten and Brandon!  Your girls are simply rays of sunshine.  Enjoy ‘em.

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1st Day, Pre-K

What you see here is 40 inches of pure personality. And today was the first day of her last year in preschool. Little Bill, what can I possibly say about you that can come close to describing your level of awesome?  You make me LAUGH!  You overflow with compassion and thoughtfulness…and yet have quite enough…

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The Prasatik Wedding

Sara and Josh August 11, 2012 Grace Bible Church Rice University Cohen House What a perfect match.  See you guys at Thanksgiving. (or sooner??) A million “thank you”s to the most wonderful Wendi Poole for being my second shooter. I am not currently accepting more wedding photography work, and would enthusiastically encourage those seeking a…

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