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My beautiful friend Lindsay is not about to have a baby… she’s about to have TWO! A safe guess would be that she’s having two INCREDIBLY GOOD-LOOKING babies.Seriously?  Stunning. “my pod has two peas” I can’t WAIT for the great news.  Those babies are going to love it on the outside!

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Such a delight to photograph my gorgeous friend again. Her name is Alicia, but feel free to call her by her street name, Lil’ Aleelee.  I do. I am SO excited that there is a lil’ Lil’ Aleelee on the way! Now, Alicia is going to try and tell you that she doesn’t know a…

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The Rose/Woodroof Family

I am pleased to introduce you to Atlanta’s finest.  This is Jon, Stacey, and big Otto. Just look at ‘em.They’re pretty perfect, huh? One’s a scientist, one speaks German, and one is incredibly cute running around in a diaper. (I’m not telling who’s who.) You guessed it.  Otto’s a scientist. Yes! Otto!  The face! Lovely,…

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