The Weddings Weekend

Head spinning.

After my whirlwind trip to NYC to visit Matt, the kids and I went up to my mom’s place in Fredericksburg.  The five hour drive with two kids, two dogs, and no parental back-up was daunting, but we made it.  Even got to experience the world’s most gorgeous carwash along the way.

Matt’s trial in NYC wrapped up and he flew into Austin to join us for some (long overdue!) family time in the good ol’ Texas Hill Country.  Gosh, I love it there.

We came home after a few days feeling refreshed…and then promptly began to frantically pack for our next excursion – the Weddings Weekend.

We were so excited when we found out that our dear friend, Sam, was getting married in Milwaukee this month.

We were equally excited when we found out that Matt’s college roommate, John, was getting married in New Jersey this month.

Our excitement briefly faltered when we realized that these weddings were to both take place in the same weekend.  Being the ambitious over-achievers that we are, Matt and I were determined to make it to to both!  Matt’s company had given him a generous little travel boner, er…bonus, that would cover our airfare, so we started making plans.  We decided to try and vacation-ize the trip a little bit, and tacked on a couple of “fun” days before and after the weddings.  We flew into Chicago and stayed a night before taking the train over to Milwaukee.  After a couple nights in Milwaukee, we caught a 6 a.m. flight to NYC and taxi-ed over to Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey for two more nights.  And so it went.

The trip started out well.  We basically ate our way through Chicago and I was able to flex some mad photography skills.  You jealous?

*please note that this gave us an opportunity to eat our SECOND Throwdown with Bobby Flay food item in less than two weeks!  First, the bread pudding from the Dessert Truck in NYC, and now the deep dish pizza fromGiordano’s in Chicago!  We’re on a rollllll!

What happened when we arrived in Milwaukee is best told via Twitter feed.  Following is the play-by-play…


  1. Trying to check in to hotel and flustered clerk informs us we have no reservation. Apologetically send us to the bar for free drinks while...   .3:41 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  2. …he tries to figure it out. We slurp down our deliciously free intoxicants as we tisk-tisk the clerk for his erronious ways when suddenly- 3:46 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  3. …I have the sickening and yet certain realization that we are at the wrong hotel. 3:47 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  4. Moral dilemma ensues. 3:50 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  5. Undeserved free beverage warming my belly as frenzied desk clerk desperately tries to accommodate the poor couple with lost reservations 3:59 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  6. Considering a stealthy exit…but plot thickens as we recall that the desk clerk is graciously holding our luggage behind the desk 4:02 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  7. Another round?” asks the bartender. Well sure! Why the hell not? 4:05 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  8. For shame. 4:07 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  9. So if poor deceived desk clerk DOES find us a room for the night, there is the small issue of our REAL reservation a few blocks away… 4:13 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  10. Surely it is too late to cancel without penalty. Maybe if I cry…or show some boob. Methinks another round is in order. 4:16 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  11. Aaaack! Apologetic desk clerk just informed us that he has found us a room. Do we mind being upgraded to a suite? I am going to hell. 4:55 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie
  12. Are you ready for the orgasm of this entire situation?? I shit you not…our room is the room the Jonas brothers stayed in last night. 5:08 PM Jul 10th from Tweeti

  13. Who knew Matt was so crazy about the Jonas Brothers?? 5:21 PM Jul 10th from Tweetie

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman, lying and deception (albeit momentarily unintentional!!) will get you free drinks, and the best room in the house.  Huh.  For all these years, I have been playing my cards entirely the wrong way.  At the end of the day, it made for a great story, if nothing else.  Almost as great as Chuck and JLo’s story from the weekend…but I’ll let them tell you that one.  :)

What better way to follow such debauchery than with some beer from a boot?

The wedding on Saturday night was completely perfect.  The stark beauty of the Milwaukee Art Museum was only trumped by Sam’s stunning bride, Shelby.  They truly make a dynamite couple.

I’ll be darned it that isn’t 5/6ths of The Custodians.  Looking good, boys.

I also spy a goosing down below…and my hand is accounted for – that’s all I’m sayin’.

The night was a blast, and the morning (along with our 6 a.m. flight), came entirely too quickly.  Regardless, we were anxious to get to New Jersey and see some of our old Rice buddies as well.  We made it with time to spare, and Matt cleaned off all of the travel funk and looked quite dashing in his groomsman gear.  Good times were had all around, and I can honestly say that I have never even heard of a wedding with as much food as this one had.  So. Much. Food.  And champagne before the ceremony.  It was pretty much the most awesome wedding ever.

We spent all day Monday in our bed in the hotel watching NCIS, Law and Order, and various other programs on A&E that make your grateful for your comparatively drama-free life.  I really don’t remember the last time that I’d  had an entire 24 hour period to do absolutely nothing.  It was great – and it made me miss my children something FIERCE!

All in all, it was a fantastic getaway with my sweet husband.   The long journey back to Houston took us from New Jersey to New York to Pennsylvania and then finally, mercifully, back home.

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LeanahJuly 16, 2009 - 2:04 pm

Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure!

Heather GreenwoodJuly 16, 2009 - 2:40 pm

Oh, Giordanos YUM! That last picture is adorable, seriously cutest couple ever!

rebecca-linh rodgersJuly 17, 2009 - 5:21 pm

best twitter story ever.
i love you.

CarrieJuly 20, 2009 - 7:40 pm

But what a way to go to hell, I say! Love every single photo, Janica. I am in awe of your talent, lady. Don’t know whether to kick you for coming to Chicago and not telling me though…. ;-)

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