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The Prasatik Wedding

Sara and Josh

August 11, 2012

Grace Bible Church

Rice University Cohen House

What a perfect match.  See you guys at Thanksgiving. (or sooner??);)

A million “thank you”s to the most wonderful Wendi Poole for being my second shooter.

I am not currently accepting more wedding photography work, and would enthusiastically encourage those seeking a wedding photographer to check our Wendi’s work.  She’s awesome!

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Melanie NorthSeptember 3, 2012 - 11:43 am

Beautiful couple! Wonderful captures, Janica! Love the emotion evoked from the images on front of the windows with the shutters. Fabulous!

1st Day, 2nd Grade

Well, here he grows again.

Parker-boy, I’ve had an amazing summer with you.  I will treasure the memories of swim team Speedo suits, your terrorized face as we finally conquered The Tornado together at Splashtown, the way you plowed through the entire catalog of Titanic books at the library, and many, many mornings of waking up to Wii playing in your Star Wars underpants.   There isn’t another pbo in the entire world!   I can’t tell you how much my guts screamed in delight as we shopped for red skinny jeans and high top Pumas together.  I adore who you are, and it is an honor to be able to watch as you discover it.

Get in there and tackle second grade, hot stuff.  Share your fantastic self with all those around you, and keep that mind of yours wide open at all times.  You never know what you might learn!

I love you, baby.  Can’t wait to hear your first day scoop.

(oh, and please, please resist the urge to say “Hi, Dork!” to your new teacher.  It’s Hei-dorf.  Mrs. HEIDORF.  Forget that I ever suggested otherwise.)

yesterdays first days:  Kindergarten, First Grade

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GailAugust 27, 2012 - 9:03 am

What a CUTE, stylin’ kiddo Parker is! Love how much both your personalities shine through in this blog post (him in the photos; yours in the writing!) Can’t believe another year has come and gone for all these kids already!

PS – Those red pants? Totally bitchin’. Look out girls.

The Moore Family

I’ve just always liked Matt and Katie.  They are friendly, genuine folks.

I first met Matt sometime in high school because he is cousins with my great buddy, Sam.  I remember thinking, “now there’s a nice, good looking fellow!”  (well, to be fair, my 16-year-old thoughts were probably more along the lines of “dang, Sam’s cousin is hot”.)  Over the years, we have continued to cross paths occasionally, and along the way, Matt married the stunning and completely charming, Katie.  It’s always great to chit chat with these two at one Sam-related function or another.  I couldn’t wait to meet up with them for photos and get to meet their unreasonably adorable son, Dash.

Dang, this family is hot.;)

Dash is ONE!

Sorry to be so totally boring…  :)

Most lovely Katie, if this whole doctor career gets old, I have no doubt that Disney would snatch you up in a heartbeat as their resident Snow White.

Please consider.

The Moore family Home Sweet Home…but not for much longer!

Oh, this boy.  Precious.

Matt and Katie, once again, I walk away from one of our visits thinking how darn likable you are.:) It was great to catch up and I loved every moment with that darling Dash.  He is AWESOME.  Can’t wait to see you folks again at the next Sam event!

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