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The Harris Family

Shannon, Stephanie, Abigail, and little Shannon Jr. – I like you.  Plain and simple.:)

Watching your family interact with such genuine tenderness and affection just filled me up with the warm fuzzies.  Thanks for sharing your sweetness!

SUPER Shannons!

Love, love, love.

Now THAT’S a handsome couple.

Oh Stephanie, you’re lovely.:)

Gorgeous gal!I adore watching siblings interact.  Just check out those clenched fists!  Ha!

They love each other bunches.

All boy.

Abigail was so kind to share the rollie pollie that she found with little Shannon…

…and he found great delight in dumping it right back into the grass.

Thanks again, Harris family!  Enjoy your summer and enjoy each other!

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Katie BaberApril 18, 2013 - 9:24 am

Just so you know, you’re famous on Pinterest because of the adorable Superman daddy/little man photo :)

jboApril 23, 2013 - 7:49 pm

I love this!! I can’t take any credit for that cuteness, though. It was 100% Harris! :)

The Dawson Family

Cheers to old college buddies-turned-sweethearts-turned-spouses-turned-parents!

I loved stomping around our old alma mater, Rice University, with my college friends, Mary S and Jack.  It was a delight to meet baby Joe, and he tolerated our catching up chit-chat like a champ.  As a reward, we dunked him in a fountain.  Win-win.:)

It was awesome visiting with you guys…let’s try and plan a camera-less get together soon!

Sure, I love smiley babies.  But by golly, funny face babies are the BEST!!

Splashing around in this lovely fountain was such a refreshing experience for little Joe that Mary S and Jack did the only logical cool-parent thing imaginable…

…ditched the clothes and dunked the kid.:)

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LaurenJune 20, 2012 - 11:48 pm

LOVE the pictures in the fountain! Especially the first black and white….darling!

The Kase Family

There has been quite the trend of beautiful little families with one-ish year old kiddos on this blog lately, huh?
Well, let’s keep it going, shall we?

It’s the Kase Family!

Sebastian, you handsome devil, you.  I could eat you with a spoon.  

Mom hearts everywhere are bursting here, kiddo.

Work it, Kases.

♥ Aw…Lauren and Ben. ♥

Move over, Schroeder!

Daddy duet.

It’s true.  I cannot resist the smoosh face.

Ben, Lauren, and sweet Sebastian, consider me completely charmed.  Thanks so much for letting me hang out with you and enjoy your delightful family.

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