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Perfectly Parker

Parker Day Boles, you are officially seven years old.

You magical little human, you!  I am thrilled by the place that you are carving out for yourself in this world. I can’t imagine a more well-rounded kid. You are as passionate about your new baseball glove as you are about your skinny jeans and flat-brimmed NY Mets hat. You read chapter books with ease, but you can’t tie your shoes. You know as much about baseball statistics as you do about the moons of Pluto as you do about Justin Bieber’s latest fashion choices. You can throw a baseball from deep centerfield directly to home plate, but you can’t ride a bike. You are just as excited for Thurday night Project Runway as you are for Sunday Texans games. You spit out Nicki Minaj lyrics one minute, and then angelically squeak your way through “Pie Jesu” the next. You agonize over the decision to take hip hop dance classes or play basketball at the Y. You can chatter ENDLESSLY about an unbelievable variety of subjects, and you do so in your painfully precious stuttering speech. (Your brain just zooms along so much faster than your sweet mouth – it will catch up soon…please don’t let it discourage you.)

I want to hold your hand forever, perfect boy. I find myself squeezing it tighter and tighter these days…and yet I am acutely aware of you slowly and lovingly untangling your fingers from mine. My heart breaks as you discover your independence, yet it explodes with pride over your obvious capability.

I love you, pbo. Please continue to laugh in the face of stereotypes and embrace the things that make you happy.That’s what I do, and it’s exactly why Im holding on to you so tightly…’cause you make me the happiest. ♥

Big kid space room!

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LeanahNovember 1, 2011 - 4:28 pm

Such a sweeeet post, Janica! I’m blessed to know the Quirky Boles and call you friends!

MeganNovember 1, 2011 - 8:11 pm

Happy Birthday Parker!! So handsome!

GranbobNovember 1, 2011 - 9:00 pm

With tears flowing down my face, I am smiling so proudly that I am your Granbob…the third person to touch that tiny hand the day that you entered this world. I love you, my precious Parker even though I too realize that friends are becoming so much more fun than Granbob. That’s OK, buddy…when I am old and tired and gray I know that you will hold me in your lap and rock me…we’ve sung it so many times “I love you forever…” always and forever yours, Granbob

MeenaNovember 1, 2011 - 9:00 pm

Oh, Jan, every time you write from the soul, my heart swells. Such sweet kids you have…it’s fun watching them grow up through your blog and facebook and (not enough) lunch dates. Hope Parker had an amazing birthday!

LeanahNovember 2, 2011 - 7:07 am

How can that kid get any more handsome?!?! Way awesome photos, Janica. I don’t know how you kept from tearing up after taking each one!

The Wilzbacher Family

With a name like Wilzbacher, it has to be good.

(And it is.)

Greyson has done some serious growing since I saw him last

OK, I’m playing favorites.  Elle and Greyson are just so much fun to be around!

Are they eager to deliver angelic, smiley faces pointed politely in my direction?  Nope!  But they sure do deliver a boatload of personality and cuteness just by doing their own thing.

Lashes.  Dang.This whole portrait session business was really not on Elle’s agenda for the day.  She humored us as best as she could, but come on…are we done YET?

Oh, if pictures could sing…   Elle, you sassy songstress you, keep working it.

(and check out Greyson at the top…have you ever seen a more dejected little man face?? )

Look out, Amanda!  He’s going in!

Hot and handsome and happy.  Enough said.

OK, so we did get some angelic, smiley faces after all. Thanks, sweet girl.:)


Elle is taking us out in true Elle fashion…and Greyson’s eating a stick.

Is it any wonder why I LOVE this family??

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