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The First Day of School

How does a boy prepare for his first day of 3-year-old Preschool?  With a Silver Cloud Lush Bath Bomb, of course!  I even let him use the whoooooole ball.  (3 showers later, my bathtub still has glitter in it)  



After a good night’s sleep, he was fired up and ready to go this morning!  To further mark the occasion, I told Parker I would take him to Starbucks for a vanilla milk and a doughnut on the way to school, which pleased him mightily.  

Sadly, life intervened.  Poor Bailey is still so sick.  She just can’t shake this super-high fever (103.9 this morning!) and it just took us longer to get out of the house than I had hoped.  By the time we got to Starbucks, we were already late for school, and the drive-thru line was ridiculous.  I asked Parker if he would mind terribly if we went to the McDonalds next door instead, and snagged a chocolate milk and a cinnamon roll.  

“How ’bout some french fries?” was his reasonable request.  

We steered out of the Starbucks line, headed across the parking lot to McDonalds, and I leaned out of my window to place our order…and then saw the sign saying that the credit card machine was broken so it was cash-only.  Dagnabbit.  

I begged for Parker’s forgiveness and sent him along to his first day of school with a completely empty tummy and parched throat.  I would now like to thank the Academy for this Crappy Mom of the Day award. 

Although deprived, he was so excited to go to class and see familiar faces and meet new friends.  More than anything, he was greatly anticipating the move up to the big-kid playground.  Being 3 is just plain rad.

A rare twosome, Bailey and I made an epic Target trip, where she slept cozily in the Babyhawk and I dutifully filled our little red shopping cart to the brim with the essential products that the Boles household requires.

Nutella? Check.
Diet Coke? Check.
We’re good.

Here’s Parker and his first homework assignment.  He has been SO excited about that dang homework and can’t wait to do more.  Poor, naive kid.  How quickly that enthusiasm will be squashed…

Fingers crossed that Bailey can finally kick whatever germy funk she has been dealing with.  She needs to be able to shake this fever and I need to be able to sleep!  :)

ETA:  Just dug through my pictures to find the first day of school last year and wow, what a difference a year makes!  I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up!


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rebelinhSeptember 4, 2008 - 10:59 am

poor bailey! hope she is well SOON so the girls (us, I mean) can have a playdate. :)
great parker photos!

LizardSeptember 4, 2008 - 9:34 pm

I was hoping that his Dora socks would make the “First Day of School” photo…

GranbobSeptember 4, 2008 - 11:05 pm

Parker needs TWO donuts tomorrow, Mom! I hope that Bailey is ALL better and that no one else gets the “bug”! Granbob is going to try to SLEEP tonight and not worry so much. I love the Boles family! Mom


Poor Bailey.  

Last night was a rough one.  Bailey woke up in the middle of the night with a burning fever and obviously felt miserable.  We were supposed to take Parker to his school to meet his new teacher and see his new classroom, but I knew that Bailey wasn’t up to it.  

Granbob to the rescue!  

I woke her up with my phone call this morning and she came right over to help out.  Tell you what, that Granbob…she’s a keeper.  Although I hated to miss it, she took Parker to his school and I stayed home with Bailey.  I scheduled appointment with the pediatrician, (she had a butt-temperature of 103.2! yipes!) but I had to call and cancel because I got a phone call that my dogs were seen running down the middle of the road, over a mile away from my house and headed towards the freeway.  Awesome.

Luckily, we were able to get an appointment a couple of hours later.  Of course, when we went to the doctor, Bailey perked right up and seemed to feel perfectly fine.  The nurse took her temperature and said it was only 98.8.  (Those silly stick under the armpit for 3 seconds thermometers.  I don’t believe in them one stinkin’ bit)  I told the nurse I was surprised because she felt so warm to me.  I was wearing Baiely in a sling, and the nurse mumbled something about “I’d feel warm, too, if I was all pressed together like that”.  Excuse me, what?  Sorry that my child is securely and happily snuggled onto my body.  Shame on me for “pressing her all together”.

But I digress.

Verdict is that it is a stomach virus.  Tylenol for the fever, lots of boob juice, blah blah blah.  That will be $30, please.   Our fingers are crossed that this all passes quickly, because my baby girl is just not feeling well.  Her fever keeps spiking and she just whimpers.  Heart breaking.

We spent most of our day like this:

And Granbob got in some good snuggles, too.

In healthier news, a little reading and math computer game that I bought for Parker arrived today.  I set him up on my MacBook and he just went to town.  He was thrilled that it was Kindergarten work and he obviously took it quite seriously.  Until he decided that he needed his football helmet.

Tomorrow is his first day of school!  He will go three days a week this year, so it is getting pretty serious, academically. 

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GranbobSeptember 2, 2008 - 9:27 pm

I miss my babies (sorry, GRANDbabies, already). I hate seeing either of them sick! I loved taking Parker to school and getting to play with him (and SLEEP with him. Lazy Granbob…after 4 stories, I HOPE he went to sleep, because I sure did! Naps are wasted on the young, that’s for sure!)I loved holding my precious Bailey and rocking her to sleep. Those beautiful eyes were a little “sick” today, but she still managed a few sweet smiles for her Granbob.

the dadSeptember 3, 2008 - 7:53 am

I am telling you now, Parker is getting a Texans helmet for Christmas so we can throw that awful Cowboys one in the trash can!

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