Do your kids keep their shirts tucked in?  Sit perfectly still because you asked them to?  Flash a brilliant, natural smile because someone commanded them to “saaaay cheese”?  Tell you what, mine sure as heck don’t, and if yours do…can you please tell me your secret?

Kids are energetic, moody, and completely unpredictable.  Isn’t that how we should remember them?  My photo sessions with children are never rushed, stressful, or demanding.  We’ll run, we’ll jump, we’ll squeal, and there might be some impolite noises.  We will get what we get when we get it – got that?  Does your kiddo have a favorite t-shirt?  Superhero cape?  Princess tiara?  Bring it along!  Let’s work together to capture your kids as you know and love them.  I promise to have all of the patience in the world.  I’ll even share if you’re running low.;)

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